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No Americana road trip on Route 66 would be complete without a stop at Totem Pole Park, which boasts the largest concrete totem pole in the world. Travelers might find picturesque accommodations along the old Route 66, but how many can there be? I failed to stop at the beautifully rusting Plymouth sign so my route could accommodate so many of the signs, with the rather impressive streamlined building sitting quietly in its shadow.

Although the entire building was originally used as office and living space, it was probably converted into condominiums about 10 years ago. Fifty years later, when a new library was built, it closed but remained empty for a few years before being converted into housing for the Oklahoma City Public Library, a public library in the heart of downtown.

The entire first Christian church complex is now on the register, including the building itself, the church building and the entire church complex itself. It includes the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, a church with more than 1,000 members, and the first church in Oklahoma City.

The oil pipes form the gutters and outer fence sculptures, giving the building a quirky, funky vibe that makes it a real showcase in Oklahoma. Tulsa has a number of its old hotels and other historic buildings on the National Register. This part of Oklahoma was known for oil, and the money was known in Ponca City. The city was littered with salons for the entertainment of the men and had set up a place to supply the ranch wagons during their stay.

You can browse the table below to find the best time to make a reservation in Ponca City for a future trip. There are several that are just a few kilometers apart, or you can try your luck at a table trip in the area.

If possible, we have also added links to the information on the national registration of buildings, just click on the name of the building to learn more. Perhaps the newest building on our register is the new home of Dr Clifford Bassett and his family, who have lived here for over 30 years. This beautiful international style house was designed by Coston and Frankfurt and completed in 1954. It was built for him and is one of our favorites in Oklahoma. It is a glass and brick house designed for a family that has lived here for over 30 years, and it is an example of organic architecture that blends seamlessly into the environment.

After making a fortune in oil, Mr. Marland and his family built this 22-bedroom house at 1000 East Grand Avenue. He never married, but lived in the Arcade Hotel until 1916. Wentz lived in the hotel where he died in 1924 and had guests dine in his second-floor house for the rest of his life.

If you are traveling alone, choose a room that has only one queen bed, or choose the luxurious King Suite that has a king size bed. You also have access to the gym and you can stay in rooms with two queen-size beds. The luxurious Grand Suites offer a variety of amenities including a swimming pool, spa, fitness centre and private dining room. Choose from one of the four private suites with private pool or spa or a two-room suite with private pool.

Choose from one of the four private suites with private pool or spa or a two-room suite with private pool. Choose from a room that has only one queen bed, or choose the luxurious King Suite that has a king size bed.

If you want to stay downtown, Knights Inn Ponca City is just a short walk from the theater district and within walking distance of many local restaurants. The hotel with the most attractions is the best choice for those looking for a hotel in a city where you can visit museums and learn more about how the city started as a pioneering settlement. St. offers a wide variety of restaurants, bars and shops, as well as great views of the Oklahoma City skyline.

The buckling Bronco, just a short walk from the Oklahoma City Museum of Natural History, is as popular as it used to be. There are several other hotels in the Ponca area, including the small converted Chelsea Motel and the old fashioned but still popular Chelsea Hotel.

This charming example of Streamline Modern Architecture was designed as part of a larger EPA project that included the Hardy-Murphy Coliseum extension and library. Included in the 2013 Register, this perfectly preserved building is certainly one of the most beautiful buildings in the Oklahoma City metropolitan area.

As plans grew, two architectural firms in OKC were included in the project: Reynolds Morrison Wright and Selby. The booming Blackwell took the bait after the war and enlisted the help of two schools, Huston and Washington, originally designed for the Northside and Parkside, which were later added. The Huston-Washington School was the company's first design ever and was one of thousands of schools across the nation that were later modeled after it.

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More About Ponca City