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The Ponca City Music Association is hosting a series of programmes on WBBZ Radio on the occasion of the National Music Society Week. This program is part of our annual celebration of National Music Club Week and a special message delivered by the National Federation of Music Clubs of Oklahoma (NFMCO), the oldest and largest music organization in the country.

Station manager Bill Maugans interviews detective Ken Hickey and his wife Fred, as well as the judges who were begged with James Brown, James Patterson and the rest of the Oklahoma City band.

Officials said a local center could serve as a home for the local music scene and the city of Oklahoma City. Visit the basement of the WBBZ studio, located on the second floor of the Oklahoma County Courthouse, just across from City Hall.

A new modernist brick building houses the offices of the Oklahoma City Public Library, the City Library and a number of other public libraries. A slope overlooking the Arkansas River basin offers storage space with an engineering workshop.

Allan Muchmore is the owner, Don Putnam is general manager, Jean Barnes is business news director, Cris Klinger is morning DJ and chief engineer, Tom Much is a licensed engineer and Allan Muchmore is owner.

Other sports sponsors include the Oklahoma City Thunder, Oklahoma State University, University of Oklahoma and Oklahoma University. The host is also a member of the National Football League and Major League Baseball Hall of Fame and the Football Museum.

This is the sixth exhibition for WBBZ and This year it is co-sponsored by Ponca City News. Kyler took the station to Pontiac City, but it was not part of the original group and was taken over by Carrell while it was in Indianapolis.

One of the features of the exhibition were the thousands of Jelly Belly candies made by local candy makers, manufacturers and manufacturers of Jelly Belly candies. It was exhibited in the Natural History Museum of the City of Ponca and promoted as a great opportunity to buy gifts for the needy and as an opportunity to promote the community.

Turney graduated from OSU in broadcast journalism in 1981 and joined WBBZ in 1984. After six years at W BBZ, he was ready to take over as head of the news department. He already knew the city and district administration and knew how important it is to have constant contact with people. As the programme went on and requests kept coming in, I was forced to put on my tie and drive to Ponca.

Nancy Lee Skillman finished 1st and won a table radio, Jack Snider finished 2nd and won an automatic toaster and John Youngblood finished third and got a plaster off rod. The two-week competition began as a show where the audience was asked to guess the correct amount of money for a $1,000 prize for the winner of the competition. Three lucky participants came close to the correct amounts and Nancy Lee won the table models and the radio.

The Poncan Theater hosted a community telethon as a fundraiser, involving many city organizations and talent. The theater also received a $150,000 grant from the Mabee Foundation of Tulsa, which was accompanied by a commitment to volunteer all kinds of work by Poncans. The award is part of the Board of Governors for Employment for Disabled People and the broadcaster honours programmes that involve disabled people.

Harry Kyler, the station's first manager, then suggested that Bennie Butler could play the piano, and Vera Byerhoff played several organ numbers. The program started with a Christian church choir, followed by an Old Fashioned radio show with music from the Oklahoma City Symphony Orchestra and other local bands. In the afternoon, the Lincoln-Douglas debate was re-enacted, presented by the high school's speech department. Other moderators were the elementary and sixth-grade choirs, led by their teachers, as well as the school orchestra and choir.

In the afternoon, the two-hour program opened with music from the Oklahoma City Symphony Orchestra and other local bands, as well as a performance by the school choir.

In August, Ponca City Publishing filed with the FCC to buy the station, and in September its new owner was approved. In September, the telethon was broadcast on WBBZ, where the first two hours of the program were also held. The station also broadcast the Democratic and Republican conventions, as well as the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio, in August and the Democratic convention in Tampa, Florida, in October. On July 31, 2010, a TeleTHON broadcast - a conference with music from the Oklahoma City Symphony Orchestra and other local bands - was broadcast.

More than 1,000 submissions were received, some of them even coming from New York City and Los Angeles. Sports, news and entertainment are becoming bigger and bigger in the programme. Paul Buenning, Managing Director, announced several new sports broadcasts to complement the programme, particularly for football fans. It covers almost all aspects of home products and services, from lawn care and gardening to finance and the internet.

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