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It's just over 50 years since two teams of scrappy Wildcats competed and beat each other in one of the most memorable games in the history of Ponca City High School football program. The Wildcats stormed to a 7-0 lead in the first game against the Oklahoma State Wildcats. In the last game of the regular season, they drew 1-1 in front of about 1,000 fans at the University of Oklahoma.

A few months later, many of those Wildcats players helped the Bartlesville Doenges against the Ford Injuns. Later, a Wildcats player named Leland Welker from Ponca City became the father of future NFL great Wes Welkers.

Sharpe, who played catcher and struck out at the end of the inning, scored four goals in nine games for Ponca City. As Bruno had observed, Colonel The Hello defense proved the difference, and the Cats turned four double plays, the first with the bases loaded.

Ted Friedman finally reached base in the 22nd minute on a mistake and rushed to second base to raise the ball. Hello Wildcats to a 2-1 win. He made a diving catch on a line drive and doubled the runner in the second to crush the uprising.

Steve Turowski threw the first nine innings, allowing five hits and one run while scoring three strikeout points. Colonel. Hi scored in the third inning when Bill Berryhill reached base after an error, drove to third with a sacrifice fly and leaped home at the fielder's choice. Ross Houck finished the final six innings and earned the win, giving up 14 hits but six of them. Ron Davis hit a double off the wall in center field in front of the dugout, and then a single to right when Bill Sharpe stepped in next and also doubled.

Grant Harmon was the starter of the game, scoring a touchdown on 7-of-20 shooting (68.0%). Nate Harbeson made only two pass attempts and completed one of them, one leading to an 85-yard interception return for a touchdown and the other to a two-point conversion.

Dilbeck's previous experience includes teaching social sciences and coaching at Bartlesville-Dewey High School in the late 1990s and early 2000s. He was a teacher and coach at Bartleville and Dewee from the late 1990s to 2000 and a member of the Oklahoma State Board of Education from 2000 to 2003. Dilbeck earned his bachelor's degree in education from Northwestern and a master's degree in science from the University of Oklahoma at Alva, where he played football. Before his coaching career, he taught social studies and math at high school level, including three years of social sciences at North Central High in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, and he was assistant coach at West Oklahoma High for two seasons.

We are excited that Matt will lead us into the next school year and beyond. Sandite Pride posted on Twitter: "Matt Dilbeck, former football player and assistant coach at Bartlesville-Dewey High School at Oklahoma State, plays a key role in the team's scoring. After several years as a member of the Oklahoma State Board of Education and writing his own blog, Thad Dil Beck has been writing regularly for the Oklahoma Homans for several years.

Sandilands Athletics will not sell tickets for the season opener in Sapulpa. However, we are giving away 250 vouchers to students, faculty and staff from Bartlesville-Dewey High School and the Oklahoma State School District. Fans must have the vouchers to buy tickets by Friday, and there will be only two tickets per student. Those eligible for the tickets have been there since Tuesday, the school district said.

Pennington said Aguirre-Legg is innocent until proven guilty and no suspension has been imposed at this time. Everything is done to make the school day as normal as possible. Pennington also said that steps would be taken after the recent arrests "to ensure that no party is involved in the hallway or anywhere else on the school grounds."

Bartlesville Schools Superintendent Chuck McCauley said: "We are grateful to Matt for keeping the sports and activities programme going through this difficult transition. Kirk Martindale, who played shortstop and made crucial plays during the crushing rally in Ponca City, recalled the two schools fighting each other. Dilbeck said the support of the Bartlesvilles community had helped make BHS his home again. Colonel. Hello, during this exhausting ordeal my iron will has been aired and I am grateful for all the support.

Bill Mitchell took control of the mound in the 10th inning and answered with eight shutout innings and a walk-off home run by Matt Dilbeck in the 11th inning.

The Sandilands have won seven games in a row from 2012 to 2018 and lead the series 25-20-1. Ponca City lost its season-opening game 19-17 to Enid (2-1) and won 23-22 at McLain, but won its last game 24-14. Clark fought back from a 3-0 deficit in the third inning against Waters, who finished with five strikeouts and a walk as Ponta City fell to 2-3 overall and 0-2 in the conference. Sand Springs' biggest win was 57-7 in 2013, and its biggest win in that series was 48-2 in 2003.

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